• *About The Artist*

    “My intent and challenge is to create unique, contemporary and abstract forms which evoke a personal and consequential response.”

    Growing up, Anthony Scheffler would escape the orchestration of his prescriptive suburban community, and bicycle for miles along the New Orleans lakefront and then south toward the river, passing through rows of shotgun homes and diverse communities before arriving at dawn in the French Quarter. It was a fascination with the character of “The Quarters” and how it could be continually retranslated through the smells, sounds, and shadows of an architecturally unique space that drew him back so often. This experience eventually resulted in his own artistic expression using the power and appeal of simple shapes.

    In 2008, Scheffler began showing his work, which includes open and closed vessels, teapots and wall sculptures. Several of his pieces are in private and corporate collections, including the Fleur Bresler Collection and the permanent collection of The Kamm Teapot Foundation. Although known for his unique, slab built wooden teapots, Scheffler’s wall hangings best reflect his fascination with an exploration of simple, and more recently, complex intersections, which he considers the “roux” of compelling design. Although he holds a number of degrees, as an artist Scheffler is largely self-taught, having benefited throughout his life from observations of, and associations with, accomplished artisans. He now divides his time between the university and his studio in the Soulard district of St Louis, finding purpose as an educator and expression as an artist-maker. He returns to New Orleans often and remains an avid bicyclist.